Giverny/Line Cut, Monet's Gardens & House (English Private Tour)

860 $ - 4 people - 6/7 hours - Private transportation, private guiding services, admission tickets, pick up/drop off services.
A journey in the Impressionist landscape & time.

Paris - The village of Giverny - Parking - Guided visit in the house and the gardens of Monet - Lunch for one hour (on your own, at your choice) - After you will see the Old Mill* on the broken bridge in Vernon, on the bank of the Seine River and the Castle Tourelles, a 13th-century Donjon-style medieval building. - On the way back to Paris, you will admire La Roche-Guyon, that received the label "Most beautiful villages of France". It is a charming medieval village known for its stunning 12th-century Château* (a castle carved in the limestone hill) and the vegetable garden, once cultivated by nuns. We will stop for photos.

-*external visit.

An immersion in Monet's little paradise! A 6-hour trip, in an oasis of greenery outside of Paris, with tickets included, separate, priority entrance and an hour break for lunch.
The village of Giverny, Monet's Gardens and House, lies 80 km (50 mi) from Paris, on the right bank of the Seine River, at its confluence with one of the two arms of the Epte River, bordered with willows and poplars, in the province of Normandy.
You will see the painter's house and gardens (Normand and Water garden), known as the Father of Impressionism, magically recreated on Monet's canvas, with their trademark water lilies and the Japanese bridge, and you will stroll the cute village of Giverny. You will have an hour for lunch in one of the nearby restaurants at your choice. Then you will enjoy the view of the Old Mill* in Vernon & the castle Roche Guyon*. All together for about 2/two hours.

Oferta de Servicio Incluye: Private Transportation, Admission Tickets, Guiding Services included.
Información importante: This tour only runs: April 01- last day of October. Museum being small and always crowded, in order to ensure a civilised visit, the Monet Foundation offers the morning or the afternoon tickets. It is a computer that gives this option. Depending on the time given, we will start visiting the house or the other attractions in the area. Thanks for your understanding. - On the road - an hour one way.
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