Speak Mandarin only 10 hours matter

I am Rosaline Wan from China. I am trained to be a clinical psychologist in Royal Holloway currently. High level of fluency in both Mandarin and English.

I have been a Mandarin Tutor for more than 8 years. Most of my clients were executives in the world's top 500 enterprises who worked in China, such as Siemens, Boeing, Ericsson, and Airbus. I had gotten high praise from all my clients.

Resumo de serviço: Offer language service
Oferta de Serviço Inclui: Mandarin teaching and translation (English-Chinese)
Como funciona: Due to its two different systems of written and spoken, confusing pronunciation and grammar, Mandarin is recognized as the most difficult language in the world. It is impractical to learn them all at the very beginning. The more effective way to start is to emphasize the core vocabularies and the fluency and pronunciation of sentences with integrated grammar. Precisely designed spaced repetition will be adapted in my teaching approach to guarantee the results of your learning. With this method, you can have a basic conversation only after 10 hours of study. Before you start, a detailed introduction of the method will be presented as well as the learning goal.
Informação importante: Speak Mandarin only after 10 hours
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⚙ Nível de Idioma: Nativo
⚙Nível de Educação e Qualificações: Mestrado
⚙Tipo de serviço: Trabalho Remoto
⚙ País: Reino Unido
⚙Forma de entrega: Offline (pessoalmente)
⚙Anos de experiência: 5-9 anos
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Política de cancelamento: FLEXÍVEL (Sem reembolso a menos de 2 dia antes do início do serviço)
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